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Carroll County Dental Associates uses a treatment planning process that allows for careful analysis of your facial and dental structures through state-of-the-art videography and digital technology. This modern, patient-centered design approach creates an ideal smile design for our patients. With this technology, we are able to show you precisely what your smile will look like after your treatment.

The process begins with 3D photos and an intraoral scan of your entire mouth. All the information goes into design software, where your Dentist can manipulate all the variables. The shape, size, and color of each tooth, as well as gum line placement and overall alignment, can be comprehensively evaluated.

Carroll County Dental Associates uses sophisticated computer software to create a smile that is unique to your face. The aesthetic characteristics of the teeth we design are fully customized to your unique facial profile. From there, we take the digital data and create a model of your mouth with the new tooth shapes. This allows us to try on your new smile so that we can evaluation tooth position, speech patterns and shade. The end result is a customized smile design that is beautiful and functional.

To learn more about our smile design technology and try on a smile customized for you, give Carroll County Dental Associates a call at 410-848-5577.

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