When to See Your Family Dentist
By Carroll County Dental Associates
December 15, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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It may be tempting to push back your or your family's dental checkups in times when there simply is just no time. But equally important to diligent oral health, like brushing and flossing, is visiting your family dentists so you can help prevent complications and, if problems arise, that they are equipped with more information to handle any emergency. Contact your local family dentists of Carroll County Dental Associates in Westminster, MD.


You can keep your entire family at task with their daily brushing and flossing, but if you don't complement it with on-time dentist checkups, you're only doing half the work.

At home, you can do a lot to fight back against tooth decay and gum disease. Such as limiting the amount of sugary drinks and foods that your household consumes, as these are a particular favorite of the bacteria in your mouth.

As they eat they produce acids that damage your teeth and gums.

This bacteria exists on your teeth in the form of plaque, the film you feel when you go enough without cleaning them. Leftover plaque builds up and hardens into tartar, which cannot be cleaned away with regular means.

Biannual cleanings help remove it as well as work in tandem with the brushing and flossing you do at home.


You already know to call your family dentist in case of a dental emergency, such as a chipped or knocked-out tooth. As well as for treating cavities, or handling pain.

But an important role of your family dentist is prevention.

During your checkups, your dentist can inspect your teeth for cavities and can treat them before they become more invasive, more costly problems.

As well as helping to diagnose other diseases and common cancers so they may be promptly treated.

Family Dentistry in Westminster, MD

Time is a limited commodity, but it's imperative to make time to visit your family dentist so that today's inconveniences aren't future complications. The upside of a family dentist is being able to schedule appointments for various members of your household on the same day, but of course, check first with the office. Call today your local family dentists of Carroll County Dental Associates in Westminster, MD, by dialing (410) 848-5577.


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